About me

¡Hola! I'm Alex, a Spanish software developer based in Madrid, Spain. This is my personal website where I ramble about things I find interesting, things I've created, and teachings I've picked up through the years.

I've been programming since I was ten years old, and over that time I've created a number of projects and apps, many of which are proprietary. However, more recently, I've started working on open-source projects, which you can find here.

Throughout the course of these years of development, I've gained a ton of expertise working with a variety of frameworks and languages, including Swift, SwiftUI, Flutter, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Python, as well as tools like MongoDB, Shell/Zsh, Xcode, Linux and macOS...

There are no advertisements, affiliate links, tracking codes, sponsored posts, or paywalls on this website. My sole aim for creating this blog is to communicate what I've learnt to the world.

You can contact me at alex at sureservice.es. Alternatively, you can find me at: